Meathead New Look Website and Logo Design

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​​The New Look Website and New Logo Design

"The shop for blokes who hate to shop" An online shop for men with good quality clothing and design. Comfortable to wear and great looking style for everyday outfit that you can mix and match to look casual, sporty, grunge, trendy and fashionable; it's totally up to you. Shop and browse at Meathead, you might find something you like to wear for any occasion. Keep an eye out of our specials, mark down prices and avail that bargain. Meathead stocks up quality clothing and the brands you can trust when it comes to quality and design. We also put in mind that size matter and we will do our best to have sizes to fit every body build.



Meathead started from humble beginning and simple idea to establish an online clothing shop for blokes who hates to shop. A perfect solution to shopping with convenience at your fingertips. Just browse, mix and match and shop.  Meathead created the first logo design and we feel it's about time to give it a fresh new look - handsome, muscled and driven. Tough but softie, gentle but strong guy and full of adventure. Meathead caters for blokes from all walks of life and understand what they want to buy - quality and value for money, design and style, comfortable to wear and durable materials. Meathead knows popular brands to give every man a total wardrobe essentials. 

We are still developing our new logo design and looking forward to come up with something new and unique design.


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